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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does An Assessment Involve?

Depending on the scope of the assessment and the request of the client, the assessment can involve Intellectual Assessment (IQ testing such as the WISC-IV, Woodcock-Johnson III, Standford Binet V, etc...), Academic Achievement Assessment, Behavior Rating Scales by parents, student, and/or teachers, Personality Assessment measures, Functional Behavior Assessments and Behavior Intervention Plans, and/or Observations in the Classroom (when allowed by school). The scope of the assessment will be discussed during the initial phone consultation with the client.

Generally, the assessment process will involve an initial phone consultation of approximately 30 minutes to an hour, completion of the pre-office visit paperwork by parent and/or teachers (see forms on this website), 1-3 visits to the Psychouston office of approximately 1-2 hours in length for the testing of student to be completed, coordination with the student's school as necessary, time for the evaluator to score protocols and write up the results of the evaluation, a conference to review the results of the evaluation with the parents and/or student as appropriate, and a meeting with the student's school and/or teachers if requested. Generally, the entire assessment process can be completed within a 30-45 day period, but rush evaluations at an additional charge can be discussed during the initial phone consultation.   

All assessments will conclude with a formal written evaluation that will be fully explained to the client and the client will receive a written and an electronic copy of the evaluation. The assessment will include recommendations for accommodations and/or modifications in the educational setting. At the conclusion of the evaluation, the written results become the property of the client and the client can share the results with whoever they choose including school, colleges, government agencies, etc... Psychouston is available to attend meetings at the student's school to explain results of the evaluation and to explain recommended accommodations and/or modifications at client request for an additional charge. 

Are Assessment Services Covered By My Insurance?

Mental health insurance policies can be confusing. Your insurance may or may not include mental health benefits. If you have coverage, your specific plan may include or exclude certain services such as assessment. Either way, Psychouston would be considered an out-of-network provider as we do not accept insurance payments for assessment services.

How Much Does An Assessment Cost?

Fees for assessment services will be discussed during the initial phone consultation and it is our office policy that full payment be obtained prior to assessment. Cash, check, and major credit cards payments are accepted.

Why Should I Pay For Assessment Services When My Public School Provides Assessment For Free?

While Texas public schools may provide evaluation services free of charge at parent request, many parents choose instead to seek these evaluations from a private provider like Psychouston. There are a variety of reasons why parents may choose to pay for assessment. 

At times, parents may want to find out privately whether or not their child has a disabling condition and may want an independent opinion about what, if any, accommodations and/or modifications their child might need. Independence is not always possible when the assessment is conducted by the public school the student attends. A private provider, like Psychouston, can provide parents with privacy and independence.

There are also times when schools and parents may not agree on the results of an already conducted full and individual evaluation. When these situations arise, parents may request an independent educational evaluation, which is also known as an IEE. This is an evaluation conducted by a qualified examiner who is not employed by the public agency responsible for the child’s education. The cost of IEE may or may not be covered by a school district.  

Private schools and colleges may request or parents and/or student may want an assessment when the child is entering the school. Parents may want a private assessment if their child needs accommodations like extra time for standardized tests such as the SAT, GRE, LSAT, etc... Also, as students enter college or the workforce, they may seek evaluation in order to qualify for accommodations in the college classroom or workplace.

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